March 71, 72 and 74

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march712.JPG (16898 bytes)

March 712

Manufactured: 1971
Engine: 1600cc
Configuration: mid-engine
Driver: David Coplowe
Class: Formula 2/ Derek Bell Trophy
Date taken: May 2005 at paddcok 'A', Croft Circuit

march72_barton.jpg (10666 bytes)

March 72
Manufactured: 1972
Engine: 1970cc Barton BDA 
Configuration: mid-engine
Driver: Andy Barton
Class: Formula Atlantic/Libre
Date taken: June 1975 Chicane, Croft
This was Geoff Friswell's Southern Organs car,  with the ex-sponsors name clearly visible on the side. This car was one of a group of March cars and parts Andy had at the time, including the 74B also raced in 1975.

march80a_hunter.jpg (10051 bytes)

March 74B
Engine: 1598cc Barton BDA 
Gearbox: Hewland FT2000
Configuration: mid-engine
Driver: Andy Barton
Class: Formula 2/Libre under 1600cc
Circuit: Croft
Date taken: August 1975 at Chicane, Croft
This 74B model was the first of the Marches Andy raced and had a 1600cc to put it in the more competitive class. A range of Barton BDAs and BDXs powered his cars and he later went on to produce his own F2 car the Barton JTB3.

march_williewood.jpg (17603 bytes)

March 742
Manufactured: 1974
Engine: 1975cc
Configuration: mid-engine
Driver: William T. Wood
Class: Formula 2/Libre
Date taken: April 1978 at Start Line, Croft